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Apple to obsolete select 2009 to 2011 Macs at end of year

“Apple plans to add select 2009 to 2011 model Macs to its vintage and obsolete products list on December 31, 2016, according to an internal memo seen by MacRumors,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“Vintage products are those that …


The last Mac you will ever buy

“Is it possible there’s a Mac out there or on the way that could be the last Mac you will ever buy? Certainly. It’s the circle of life,” Wil Gomez writes for Mac360. “There’s death, and taxes, and the last …


The Mac is back: Why Apple just set an all-time Mac sales record

“Apple’s Mac business, now 30 years old, just had its best three months in history,” Dan Frommer reports for Quartz. “Apple shipped 5.5 million Macs last quarter, up almost 1 million units—a 20% increase—from the year before.”

“How did it …


OS X Yosemite preview: Apple’s Mac gets a major makeover

“Despite a handful of new apps and features, last year’s Mavericks release still felt like the same old OS X,” Dana Wollman writes for Engadget.

“You can’t say that about Yosemite, though,” Wollman writes. “The company’s next-gen operating system ushers …


30 years on, Apple’s revolutionary Mac still influences

“Look around. Many of the gadgets you see drew inspiration from the original Mac computer,” Anick Jesdanun reports for The Associated Press. “Computers at the time typically required people to type in commands. Once the Mac came out 30 years …


FileMaker discontinues Bento

Apple subsidiary FileMaker, Inc. has announced the end of its Bento database application for OS X. FileMaker’s official announcement, verbatim:

FileMaker, Inc. is increasing its focus on FileMaker Product Line software. Thanks to the ease of creating iPad and iPhone


Why the MacBook Air didn’t get a Retina display

“Love that battery life in the new MacBook Air? Well, that’s one reason Apple didn’t go Retina this time around, according to an analyst,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET.

“Power consumption is probably the most important factor, according to Sweta …


Mac Pro supplies dry up at retailers ahead of WWDC

“Apple’s WWDC conference is almost upon us, and with the expectation that the company will unveil new Macs at the event, I decided to do a bit of checking around on retail stock levels,” J. Glenn Künzler reports for MacTrast.


Apple Macs dig in as standard business PCs

“In the last year, I’ve witnessed a sea change in Macs’ acceptance in business,” Galen Gruman reports for InfoWorld. “To be sure, Macs have been the standard PCs for designers, layout artists, and the like since the mid-1980s, and Silicon …