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New Computer / Mobile Device

Apple makes it real easy to set up your Mac, iPhone and iPad, but there a few settings that need to be reviewed and activated. I’ll explain them and walk you through the activation. (read more)

Wireless Set-up

Today it’s all about staying connected. With so many devices using wireless networks, you should have one in your home. I will perform and assessment of your network needs, propose a solution and set it up for you. (read more)

One-on-one Tutoring

See a partial list of the many subjects for which I provide one-on-one tutoring. (read more)

Computer Monitoring Program

Nobody likes surprises from their computer. Monitoring lets us know when problems occur, allowing us to resolve issues. We’ll understand what’s wrong, and how to resolve the issue so you don’t have to worry. (read more)

Backup & Recovery Solutions

Most people don’t think about backing up their Mac until disaster strikes; by then it’s to late. Some people think that the process is too technical for them. I can explain the various solutions available and set them up for you. (read more)

Technology Buying Assistance

Not sure what technology is right for you and your family? I’ll perform an assessment of your technology needs and recommend a computer and/or, mobile devices(s), and peripherals that are right for you. I can then act as your “personal shopper” or help you make the purchase on-line. (read more)

Security Assessment

Being connected with all the latest technology is great, but there are security risks. Is your data safe? Do you need antivirus software on your Mac? I’ll perform a security assessment of your computer and/or, mobile devices(s), make you aware of various security risks, recommend changes to system settings, and educate you on safe computing practices. (read more)

Project Help

Do you have projects that you need help with? You know, scanning and cataloging old family photos, creating photo slide shows, cataloging the family DVD collection, etc. These can be fun projects, especially when you use a Mac. Let me show you how. (read more)

Other Services

Do you need help with other forms of computing technology, that’s not in my list of services? You can email me and explain what it is that you need help with. If can’t help, I may know someone that can. (read more)