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Apple’s iOS 11.2.5 release: It’s a big one

“So far Apple,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes. “Why Apple has jumped four version numbers (from iOS 11.2.1) is a mystery. What it contains is a mystery. But following the last week of iPhone power throttling revelations (and a fully deserved backlash), the upcoming iOS 11.2.5 just became the biggest and most important iOS update in years.”

“What Apple has to address is a loss of trust,” Kelly writes. “In finally coming clean (admittedly one year late), Apple has admitted it slows iPhones – and coincidentally just after the release of each new generation – to protect their already degrading batteries from shutting off if the phone were to continue operating at full performance.”

“Having thrown out rushed update after rushed update (often to detrimental effect), iOS 11.2.5 needs to restore customer confidence and that means transparency. It means giving users a detailed and easily accessible breakdown of iPhone battery health and the option to prioritise performance or battery life. Right now there is no reason a wall charging iPhone 7 should have its gaming performance throttled (Apple states iPhone 7 throttling began in iOS 11.2),” Kelly writes. “Bigger changes will take time and, more than that, arguably a cultural change within Apple is necessary – away from the pride it takes in a secretive ‘we know best’ mentality.”

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