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Apple shares surge to hit new 52-week high

In Nasdaq trading today, Apple Inc. (AAPL) shares gained $17.67, or 3.08%, on below-average volume of 7,362,063 shares to set a new 52-week intraday high of $590.24.

Apple’s previous 52-week high was $575.14, set on December 5, 2013.

Apple’s all-time …


5 reasons why Apple’s Q214 earnings report was huge

“For a while it has been tough to own Apple (AAPL),” Jay M. Taylor writes for Seeking Alpha. “But now Apple investors have something to get excited about.”

“Though the headline numbers are huge, this earnings report was much bigger …


Apple releases iOS 7.1.1

Apple today released iOS 7.1.1.

iOS 7.1.1 contains improvements, bug fixes and security updates, including:
• Further improvements to Touch ID fingerprint recognition
• Fixes a bug that could impact keyboard responsiveness
• Fixes an issue when using Bluetooth keyboards …


What apps will look like on the 4.7-inch iPhone 6

“In the past, when Apple has grown the screen of an iOS device — for example, with the transition from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 5 — Apple has taken pains to keep the pixel density the same,” John


Change these passwords right now!


Websites are racing to patch the Heartbleed bug, the worst security hole the Internet has ever seen.

As sites fix the bug on their end, it’s time for you to change your passwords. The Heartbleed bug …