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Archive for March, 2014

World Backup Day 2014

WBUD2014Monday, March 31st, is World Backup Day, the day we technology folks remind you of how important it is to back up your data.

In past posts on this blog, I’ve talked about backing up your data and the …


Microsoft Office for the iPad has arrived!


Office for the iPad has arrived and the hype continues. All the popular Mac blogs and Twitter feeds are talking about it.

I was torn as to whether or not jump on the bandwagon…but then decided to at least download …


Mac users’ OS X Mavericks adoption nears 50%

“Just five months after its release, OS X Mavericks is seeing adoption rates in the range of 40 percent to almost 50 percent depending on the tracking source,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“The significant growth in Mavericks users demonstrates …


Over 500 million Apple iPhones sold

“Apple has been known to mark big numerical milestones, celebrating the 50 billionth download from its App Store last May and the 30th anniversary of the Mac earlier this year,” Mark Rogowsky reports for Forbes. “But it appears to have …


Happy 13th birthday, OS X!

Happy 13th birthday, OS X!

Here’s the official 2001 Apple press release announcing the availability of the world’s most advanced operating system:

CUPERTINO, California — March 21, 2001 — Apple today announced that beginning this Saturday, March 24, customers can


10 tips to speed up OS X Mavericks

“OS X Mavericks is a lean, mean, Mac-running machine, and while it’s been optimized to work as well as possible with a variety of Macs, sometimes things get slow and need a little TLC to get back to full performance,” …